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The site is owned by rotexmint-asset Trade. A registered company for cryptocurrency investments solution.. We give a chance to new, dynamilcally developing ICO projects that bring huge profits in an amazing short time. Join Us by choosing one of our plans today. We are a dynamic group whose main focus is to provide our clients with the best possible service. We diversify portfolio management through trading of different commodities and assets in the capital markets at large, and also we earn through the crypto space through mining of promising Coins, afterwhich royalties earned through mining and switched into a more secure platform which is Stocks and Foreign exchange trading...

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Trading Platform Technologies was founded 10 years ago in Kingston, Australia. We provided privately our services to big investors, companies and pioneers who believed in us and in the tech behind the blockchain. After the BETA testing period where we have laid the foundations and we have become a well-established and solid reality, we are finally ready to launch our new platform 4 years ago and to welcome bigger plublic audience with an effective, simple and intuitive interface.

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What we value the most is our experience, professionalism and proven reliable strategies. We introduce innovations to the area of currency trading, fine-tuning and bringing them to perfection!

Fast delivery of coins

Our fee-free withdrawal interface is accessible 24/7. The minimum withdrawal amount is just $100.00 worth of BTC.

Fast support

Technical support and consultation are available 24/7, through email, live chat and telegram.

Easy and reliable platform

Once you’ve activated your account, you’ll receive mined coins every day at fixed rate according to setup contract.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Get investment with a big profit, and Miner is calculated with the blockchain ecosystem.

Get Instant Withdrawals

Get your payment instantly through requesting it!

Unlimited Referral Bonus

Promote and earn unlimited referral commission from each referral links of up to 10%.


Cloud Automated

We follow strict security protocols - your deposits are immediately stored on cold storage, in addition the distribution of coins takes place daily Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, just a simple click and will be sent to the specified address.

Token Name: rotexmint-asset
Token Platform: Bitcoin
Token Standard: BTC
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 900,000,000
Available for Purchase: 300,000,000

Token Sale Proceeds

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Company Roadmap

Investing can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Sometimes managing an investment is daunting due to the uncertainty and volatility of the market, as well as the time investment needed to be successful.


Budget ongoing, To be Updated soon!.


We announced a global partnership with Visa that includes principal membership in its network in Australia.


We launched NFT, a platform dedicated to delivering unique content from popular artists, musicians, and athletes, as well as leading brands.


It’s official! Our mainnet has launched as the Cryptocurrencies are sets of software protocols for generating digital tokens and for tracking transactions in a way that makes it hard to counterfeit or re-use tokens.


The partnership brings together two brands that share a passion for technology and speed, and places the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team™ at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation. Also got registration Certificate from Australian Authorities(ASIC)


You can now start spending and earning up to 7% back with your Visa Card while you wait for your physical card to arrive.


Following the launch of Derivatives trading with the BTCUSD Perpetual Contract, Exchange users can now trade the ETHUSD Perpetual Contract using USDC as collateral, with leverage of up to 50x.


Following the announcement of our global partnership with the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team, we are excited to add exclusive money-can’t-buy rewards to our Exchange VIP Programme, as well as extend its coverage to the Derivatives Exchange.


To celebrate the successful launch of the Chain Mainnet with the community, we are giving away USD 50,000 in prizes to users who trade ASCRO on the Exchange.

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Our platform is suitable for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and looking for easy way to invest money.

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Here you can find the answer to the most common requests of our customers, if you don't find an answer to your questions here, you can contact us using our support form, our chat or calling us to our phone center.


Affiliate Program

If you are looking for simple and effective way to increase your capital, use our affiliate program. Making money on an affiliate program from rotexmint-asset is easy! Invite other people to participate in our investment project and get a nice bonus to your income.

What is is a cryptocurrency investment company established in 2017, headquartered in Kingston, Australia. The wide array of services we offer have been specifically designed to assist people who want to enjoy an easy, solid and affordable investment service.
What is the main idea behind the establishment of ?
Our goal is to provide to our customers an unique and user-friendly investment platform. This is why we have employed the use of a cutting-edge platform with extensive infrastructure. Our services is quite affordable and any of our clients can start with a simple click as soon as they are ready without any knowledge required and you don't have to worry about investing in very expensive hardware that quickly depreciates, you just rent hashpower from us and you enjoy the highest investment rate offered on the market.
Is the platform safe against hacking attempts?
The strength of our platform is the extreme stability and security, when you make a deposit in our platform a part of it is transferred to a cold wallet until we actually need it for the purchase of new equipment or any company expenses and the other part is invested in masternodes. Security is our top priority. Our platform also offers the possibility to use 2FA, we strongly reccommend to activate it to have an additional security layer on account and personal data.
You seem to provide a quite lucrative interest rate for a limited period of time. Where is the funds coming from?
is not a classic investment platform, the hybrid nature of our platform allows us to offer a cost/hashrate unmatched by the competition moreover part of the coins comes from the profits of our masternodes.
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We are aimed at getting the leading position in cryptocurrency investment market. Our experts monitor online each stock exchange daily and due to favourable exchange rate we maximize our investors.


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